9 Easy Steps You Can Take to Improve Your Writing Skills

Everyone needs to get better at writing. It is one of the most taught skills in the world today. Your writing depicts your character, personality, knowledge, wisdom, confidence, and experience. How to get better at writing? Here are some easy ways you can use to take a leap ahead.

Motivate Yourself

Keeping yourself motivated to write is the key to improve your writing skills. Reminding yourself of the purpose you want to write for or the results you want to achieve from writing is very helpful in getting motivated at all times.

Get Your Thoughts Broadcasted

The incredible power of the pen enables you to get your incredible thoughts broadcasted. These are some of the benefits you get while communicating your thoughts to the folks.

Educate People

The internet is the best and easiest way to educate. There is a lot of misinformation online and you can guide people in the right direction if you have the right knowledge about your subject and the ability to explain in an understandable way.

Work for Your Cause

Whether you work for a non-profit organization or find other ways to strive for your noble cause, writing has a lot to help you with the propagation of your mission.

Market Your Brand

Solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and large businesses are finding ways to boost their audience up through writing blogs and other marketing stuff.

Show Your Creativity to the World

The World needs to see your creativity and you know what, you deserve those comments of applause and appreciation the most.

Learn New Things Everyday

You, as a writer, get this wonderful opportunity to learn continuously by researching things and documenting them up.

Earn a Handsome Side Income

If not full-time, you can use your writing skills part-time to earn a handsome income along with your regular job. This can be done mostly by entering into the world of freelancing and blogging.
So, buckle up to write on the topics you love and do wonders.

Read a Lot

Utilize your leisure time reading a lot of excellent writers. There is a huge amount of good stuff out there waiting for you to read and learn. Reading relevant material will surely improve your writing style, sentence structure, flow, and of course, vocabulary. I’ll write about the must-read books for writers very soon.

Get Inspired

Getting inspired by other writers is the primary element in improving your writing skills. See, many others have already achieved what you want to in the future. All of this can be pulled through easily by taking others as an inspiration.
Take a step forward and start following good blogs about the topics you’re interested in. Observe their writing style, research methods, dealing with the audience, and other details while keeping your uniqueness intact.
Moreover, these blogs can always help you with building your professional relations and growing them as well.

Benefit from Online Courses

There is a number of free MOOCs available to enable you to learn and improve your writing skills. They can specifically teach you to write stuff in different styles and can make you confident enough to show your skills to your peers. Do take some courses on grammar and punctuation as well.

Write, Write and Write

 We all know that practice makes a man perfect. Write a lot of stuff and write regularly to improve yourself at this skill.

Have a Blog If You Don’t

A great way to keep you writing regularly is to have a blog. Grow your blog by writing on your favorite topics. Once your blog gets a considerable audience, monetize it to earn money and invest it in learning more.

Use Great Tools

Tools are a great way to make your writing process more efficient and to take your written pieces toward perfection. Here are some of the essential tools, available free, that you will want to use.

Word Processor

This is the main program you need to write stuff. There are many good word processors but I personally prefer to write a draft in MS Wordpad which is a simple text editor for its distraction-free environment and then shift my documents to Google Docs for its sharing and syncing features.

Files Manager

To manage your documents, a good file manager is needed which is simple to use and yet powerful. Besides the default files managers available in different operating systems, I use Google Drive to sync my files across many devices including my phone and PC.


You need to develop a habit of using thesaurus more often. It helps you to find alternative words where needed and make your writing look great. Various thesauruses are available online free of cost having mobile apps as well.

Grammar and Spell Check

After writing, apply grammar and a spell check to refine your piece. I often use Grammarly for this purpose but you can find other tools already available in MS Word and other word processors.

Be Human by Engaging

Make your writing more humanized and engage with your readers. Remember, your readers expect you to be a human, not a robot or something like that. They want engagement and real-life expressions. Speaking your work out is a way by which you can improve it in this regard.

Get Your Work Reviewed by Experts

Know that one person’s intellect and skill are not complete. There is always something more to be added. So, get your work reviewed by your peers.

Get a Mentor

Having a mentor in any field is comforting. You should have someone way ahead of you whom you can rely on.

Make Personal Contacts

Socialize with your colleagues and peers. Email them often. Make personal relations with them. It will enable you to learn from their experience. Show them your work and get feedback. They are the right people to assess your work.

Join Social Media Groups

Social media has become a great way to socialize for learning. It can get you to grow your peers’ list and have their feedback.

Reread Your Articles Written Long Ago

Track your progress by digging out and rereading your old stuff. You will find out how much you have improved since then. It will also keep you motivated to improve more.


Improvement in your writing will lead you toward getting better opportunities to learn, to get your word out, to educate, and to make money. This is why writing is reckoned as one of the most powerful tools of communication and is widely taught all over the globe. Just give the above steps a try and get better at writing.

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